This little work of art was just created the other day by our 4-year old. I love it dearly.

Is it possible my perspective is so wrong?
That this is an absurd movement for civil rights?
Because some All Lives Matter folks are saying so
going so far as to say saying Black Lives Matter is racist
which is some seriously fucked up Alabaster patrol logic
I am challenged by their conviction, less by their stance
and I refuse to let a fear from the oppressors quiet me down

How could it be argued, once learned that white privilege
is not a simple matter of fact in what is called “American” culture? …

Tonight at NE Killingsworth and NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in Portland, Oregon

The sliver of the waxing crescent tonight
brought me more than just a sliver of hope
that we might rise up together for justice
and just like the moon’s growing illumination
may we fill the darkness and bring back the light


Some carrots were plucked out of the garden by my kiddo today, they tasted delicious.

We’ve slipped into summer
right along with a solar eclipse
and an uprising in full swing

Meanwhile a rally in Tulsa
for a racist n’ sexist president
was a grand flop of an occasion
as K-Pop n’ tens of thousands
of tik-tokin teens went ahead and
showed up in a clever way to help make it so

Three months in to an isolation situation
we phase slowly back into public life
I’m tentatively leaning towards pessimistic
about how coming out of our caves will go

I mean all signs point to a gnarly fall
where we see a rise in cases…

Downtown Portland, Oregon

Tonight Solstice is here
Tonight the Solar eclipse comes
Today Juneteenth celebrations continue
Today the sun shines on my face and I say thank you

June 20, 2020 gives us plenty to place hope upon
the path is still perilous yet there is reasons to stay positive
persist through the tyranny, the hate, the fear, the old stories
we come together to press on and bring forth a better tomorrow

It hasn’t all been burned to the ground though in many ways it has
and from the ashes new growth, power, and beauty can be seen
this movement moves showing no signs…

The cover photo for the podcast episode I did today..

Juneteenth is here
in the midst of an uprising
in the midst of a global pandemic
a moment that one day all of humanity
will hopefully look back on and celebrate
for civil and human rights are being demanded
if the movement persists, justice and peace will be had

May it be so, may it be so

Right now though, we have Juneteenth in the collective awareness
Black Lives Matter is being sung, shouted, and heard everywhere
and that is a fine reason to celebrate on this day in the year 2020

How many among us had never heard of…

My kiddo today in downtown Portland, Oregon taking in the murals and art honoring so many Black lives lost at the hands of the police

Sometimes the best thing we can do is listen
Listen to the voices who’ve been shut down
Listen to the voices who’ve been brutalized
Listen to the voices who’ve been marginalized
Listen to the voices who’ve been resilient through it all

We all have pain, suffering, and sadness in our stories
yet there are many among us who’s voices have been muted
murdered in such massive numbers as to be called genocide
missing women and girls in our modern times who’s stories are lost
We all have pain, suffering, and sadness in our stories
but we need to shine more light on those who’ve been…

Sometimes the sky is really quite an impressive sight to behold…

Calling upon patience
are you there for me?
I’m facing some frustration
and could use some help

Beyond the simplicity
of practicing acceptance
what is one to do, really?

Oh, it really is that simple?

Just accept the circumstances
take a few deep breaths and perhaps
laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Yeah, maybe just maybe that’s it

In all actuality, in this present moment
that is precisely what I am doing
but I’d be a lying ass fool to decry
that this is always the way I operate

Letting pent up emotions percolate,
bubbling over on occasion into rage

Tonight on the Fremont Bridge in Portland, Oregon. Black Lives Matter March

Slippery slope
slide down,

We get soaked
so we’ll need
to dry on up

But let us not
forget or rather
let us remember

that we have a hand
in our fate but maybe
not so much in our destiny


Our kiddo having a grand time in a big pile of nature.

Black Trans Lives Matter
the demonstration chant rings clear
among the many call and responses
this one has moved me more than most

Yelling this out, along with thousands of folks
marching in the streets sends a palpable energy
that has carried winds of change straight towards justice
as the Supreme Court took positive actions on this very day

It may still prove to be a scenario that will eventually require
we burn it all to the ground, metaphorically speaking of course,
oppressive institutions and our constitution are on the chopping block.

For now though, encouraging transformations are here for…

The scene last night before the cops started to try and shut shit down…

A revolution is being televised although
not through your regular media broadcasting
it’s more of a social network spread event
which also brings, facial recognition software
that is being weaponized to target those rising up

Once again presenting a paradox to this process
pitting a desire to share the progress from our perspectives
whilst not wanting to jeopardize those at the forefront

Alas we must find a balance to combat this bullshit blackout
because Black Lives Matter can be heard far and wide
right now on the streets across these stolen lands
and the powers that be no longer can mute

Joe Culhane

Writer, podcaster, international public speaker, Theater of the Oppressed actor, and lover of this precious intrinsically connected world we are all a part of.

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