This little work of art was just created the other day by our 4-year old. I love it dearly.

Tonight at NE Killingsworth and NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in Portland, Oregon

Some carrots were plucked out of the garden by my kiddo today, they tasted delicious.

Downtown Portland, Oregon

The cover photo for the podcast episode I did today..

My kiddo today in downtown Portland, Oregon taking in the murals and art honoring so many Black lives lost at the hands of the police

Sometimes the sky is really quite an impressive sight to behold…

Tonight on the Fremont Bridge in Portland, Oregon. Black Lives Matter March

Our kiddo having a grand time in a big pile of nature.

The scene last night before the cops started to try and shut shit down…

Joe Culhane

Writer, podcaster, international public speaker, Theater of the Oppressed actor, and lover of this precious intrinsically connected world we are all a part of.

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